MeDe Innovation Fourth Annual Conference

MeDe Innovation Fourth Annual Conference

Date: January 19, 2017

Location: Norcroft Conference Centre, Bradford

Returning in 2017, the MeDe Innovation Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to access the latest developments in orthopaedic medical device manufacture.
The conference brings together MeDe Innovation’s network of academics, industrialists, clinicians and regulatory body representatives through lively presentations, debate and poster sessions.
The conference is open to anyone with an interest in the design and manufacture of Class III, orthopaedic medical devices.
Further programme details are available below – register now to avoid disappointment.

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10.00 Registration and networking (tea and coffee available)
10.30 Welcome and introduction Professor Phil Coates

Session A: Manufacturing at the point of need – Chaired by Professors Kenny Dalgarno and Phil Coates

10.45 Shape memory polymers for soft tissue fixation devices in minimally invasive surgeries Dimitrios Vgenopoulos
10.55 Compression screws for repairing small bones/bone fragments made from biocompatible, bioresorbable, body-temperature reverting, plasticised shape-memory polymers Brian Thompson
11.05 Property gradient nano-hydroxyapatite loaded hydrogels for osteochondral defect treatment Yulia Ryabenkova
11.15 Arthroscopic Additive Manufacture – A Proof of Concept Study Simon Partridge
11.25 Manufacture of Complex Biofunctional Devices for Musculoskeletal Repair using Electrospinning Martin Santocildes-Romero
11.35 Fabrication of Synthetic 3D Niche Environments for Regenerative Devices Tom Paterson
11.45 Mechanical Properties of Porous PLA Structures During Dissolution Natacha Rodrigues
11.55 High Throughput Approaches to Cell Printing Matt Benning

1 minute poster elevator pitches

A1: Pre-clinical assessment of TKR: A combined computational-experimental wear simulation approach Abdellatif Abdelgaied 
A2: Wear and Deformation of Metal-on-Polyethylene Bearings under Edge Loading Conditions due to Variations in Component Positioning Murat Ali
A3: Development of a Preclinical Natural Knee Simulation Model for the Tribological Assessment of Osteochondral Grafts Phillipa Bowland
A4: Modelling Vertebroplasty in Bovine Tail Vertebrae Gavin Day
A5: Fatigue Testing of Cement Augmentation for Vertebral Fractures Ruth Coe
A6: Development of a pre-clinical simulation model of the natural knee with appropriate ligamentous constraints Aiqin Liu
A7: in-silico evidence helps to understand variability in pre-clinical testing of spinal interventions Marlene Mengoni
A8: The effect of the swing phase load in a hip joint simulator under a translational mismatch on the occurrence and severity of edge loading for ceramic-on-ceramic Oscar O’Dwyer Lancaster-Jones
A9: Reducing variance of pre-clinical testing for inter-vertebral disc interventions. Sebastian Sikora
A10: The Effect of Malalignment on the Wear of a Total Ankle Replacement Alex Smyth
A11: Quantification of bulge in the intervertebral disc using CT imaging. Fernando Yitzhak Zapata Cornelio
A12: Cartilage degeneration and subchondral bone remodelling in osteoarthritic hips Maryam Tammadon
A13: Wear properties of Poly-ether-ether-ketone bearing combinations under uni- and multi-directional motion. Kathryn Chamberlain
B1: Self-assembling peptide gels for articular cartilage repair Andres Barco
B2: Utilising electrospinning to produce scaffolds with random or aligned fibres Selina Beal
B3: The wear performance of an all-polymer knee replacement Raelene Cowie
B4:Encapsulation of Chondrocytes for Bioprinting Joseph Dudman
B5: Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis (ITAP): Enhance Tissue Integration Elena Giusto
B6: Osteochondral organoids for OA modelling Niloufar Hojatoleslami
B7: Manufacture of small prosthetic joint surfaces that resist microbial colonisation Maria Katsikogianni
B8: Hybrid PCL-Collagen Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Kegan McColgan-Bannon
B9: Material development for Additive Manufacture of Porous Apatite-Wollastonite Implants Priscila Melo
B10: Manufacture of SLM-Enabled Electrospun Synthetic Niches for Regenerative Medicine Thomas Paterson
B11: Development of Osteochondral plug for joint repair Katherine Pitrolino
B12: Preliminary study of the viability of synovial fluid MSCs on microfabricated electrospun membranes Martin Eduardo Santocildes Romero
B13: In vitro and in vivo performances of a multi-layered scaffold for treatment of large osteochondral defects Maryam Tammadon
B14: Compression screws for repairing small bones/ bone fragments made from biocompatible, bioresorbable, body-temperature reverting, plasticised shape-memory polymers Brian Thomson
B15: Shape memory polymers for soft tissue fixation devices in minimally invasive surgeries Dimitrios Vgenopoulos
B16: Development of a minimally invasive therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration using synthetic peptides James Warren
B17: Schwarz P Unit Cell Based Tissue Scaffolds : Mechanical Characterisation Via Micromechanical Analyses Adi Zabidi
B18: pH and glucose dual- responsive injectable hydrogels for controlled drug release Lingling Zaho
B19: Approaches to Anti-microbial surfaces for orthopaedic applications Michael Zurawski
C1: Blood flow modelling through an elastic stenosis Cesar Alegre Martínez
C2: Simulation of a frontal impact load applied to a geometric approximation of the human chest Francisco Carrasco – Hernández

Lunch and poster viewing


12:45-13:15: LUNCH
13:15-13:45: Poster presenters A1-B4 available
13:45-14:15: Poster presenters B5-C2 available


Keynote address: Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

One medicine for man and animal – working together toward a new era for custom implants and regenerative scaffolds.


Session B: Stratified design and manufacture of orthopaedic implants – Chaired by Professor Ruth Wilcox

15:30 Manufacturing challenges of multiphase devices and quality control of additively manufactured medical devices. Professor David Grant
15:45 Manufacture of customised non-woven collagen scaffold formats Professor Steve Russell
16:00 Manufacture and in vivo performance of an acellular composite bone-tendon-bone scaffold Professor Eileen Ingham
16:15 Towards a new ISO standard for pre-clinical testing of hip prostheses Dr Louise Jennings

Close of meeting

An optional tour of the Polymer IRC facilities will be available at this time

Abstract submissions are invited from researchers within the MeDe Innovation community for short oral presentations combined with a poster presentation.
We would particularly like to receive abstracts describing research secondments, training secondments, collaborative research between academic partners, cross disciplinary research, international research collaborations and collaborative research with clinical and industry partners.
Our 1 minute poster pitches followed by a one hour poster display offers an informal setting to showcase a wide variety of research, career development and collaboration. This combined podium and poster session provides an excellent interactive platform for researchers to present their own research work undertaken in collaboration with the wider MeDe Innovation community and receive further recognition.  Prizes will be awarded for the three best poster presentations.

  • Abstracts should be submitted by email to Kelly Broadbent ( on the form below
  • The deadline for submission is Friday 25th November
  • Poster presenters must attend the full conference, and pre-register attendance on our website ( )
  • All presenters will be expected to give a 1 minute pitch during the conference. This leads to significantly more engagement during the poster viewing session
  • Presenters should liaise with their supervisor for final sign off of poster designs
  • Posters should be A1 size (a template will be provided)
  • Posters should be printed and brought to the venue on the day of the conference, and presenters will be expected to make themselves available during conference break times for networking and discussion
  • The display boards will be covered in nylon loop material and we will supply Velcro tabs to secure your poster to the board

Key Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: Friday 25th November
Acceptance announcement: w/c Monday 19th December
Annual Conference: Thursday 19th January 2017
Download the abstract submission form here (opens Word document)

The conference will be held at the Norcroft Conference Centre at the University of Bradford.
A map of the campus, and details on where to park, can be found on the University of Bradford website.

Poster presenters were emailed on Tuesday 20th December with guidelines for presentation of their poster and 1-minute pitch.
Download the poster guidelines to save this information (opens PDF).
The running order for the poster presentations can be found by downloading a copy of the programme (opens PDF).

Speakers were emailed on Tuesday 20th December with guidelines for their presentations.
Download the speaker guidelines to save this information (opens PDF).
The running order for the presentations can be found by downloading a copy of the programme (opens PDF).

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