MeDe Innovation Fifth Annual Conference

MeDe Innovation Fifth Annual Conference

Date: January 18, 2018

Location: Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Sheffield

Returning in 2018, the MeDe Innovation Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to access the latest developments in orthopaedic medical device manufacture.
The conference brings together MeDe Innovation’s network of academics, industrialists, clinicians and regulatory body representatives through lively presentations, debate and poster sessions.
The conference is open to anyone with an interest in the design and manufacture of Class III, orthopaedic medical devices, and is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for up to 5 CPD points
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09.30 Registration and networking (tea and coffee available)
10.00 Welcome and introduction Professor Paul Hatton

Session A: Responsible Innovation and the Manufacture of New Medical Devices

10.15 Key Note 1 – The regulatory perspective Dr Suzanne Halliday (BSI)
10.45 Key Note 2 – The clinical perspective Professor Tim Briggs (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital)
11.15 Key Note 3  – The industrial perspective Professor Edward Draper (JRI)
11.45 PANEL Q&A

1 minute poster elevator pitches

Investigate the drug release of electrospun PCL scaffold loaded with CAPE for breast cancer treatment Farshid Sefat
Processing of porous bioceramic scaffolds using Apatite-Wollastonite powders Nilly Hojatoleslami
Fabrication, Characterisation & Optimisation of Biodegradable Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Engineering Morteza Bazgir
The Wear Performance of an All-Polymer Knee Replacement Raelene Cowie
On-Demand Activation of an Antimicrobial Biomaterial for Oral Soft Tissue Regeneration Amy Smith
Bioprinting skin equivalents for toxicity testing Mahid Ahmed
Methodologies to enhance the performance of cell printing technologies Joseph Dudman
Stereolithography for biological microfluidic applications. Babis Tzivelekis
Development of the porcine knee model for pre-clinical tribological assessment of early stage knee therapies Aiqin Liu
Novel ‘smart’ coating in Spacer implants Laura Richards
Representing the effect of soft tissue constraints in experimental simulation of total knee replacements Helena Johnston
Polyamide-Ceramic Composites for Maxillofacial Reconstruction Maha Omran
Bespoke Hip Prostheses: a Review of Design Approaches Pedro de Oliveira Lopes
Collagen Containing Hybrid Polymers for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Applications Keegan McColgan-Bannon
Manufacture of modified nanoscale hydroxyapatite for medical applications Caroline Wilcock
Understanding movement and its influence on the tribology of human joints Robin Layton
A Comprehensive Combined Experimental and Computational Framework for Pre-clinical Simulation of TKR Abdellatif  Abdelgaied
Shaping biomaterials into porous foams. Emulsion templating combined with additive and subtractive manufacturing Colin Sherborne
Mechanical behaviour of osteochondral grafts – combined in vitro/in silico evaluation Lekha  Koria
Bioinspired scaffold for bone tissue Beatriz Monterio
How bioinspired nanostructures on Titanium inhibit biofilm formation Jinju (Vicky) Chen
Manufacturing Mechanically Tailored Electrospun Scaffolds for Corneal Regeneration Danilo  Villanueva
Development of a new Biomimetic Osteochondral plug for Joint Repair Katherine Pitrolino
Reactive Jet Impingement for Hydrogel Bioprinting Ricadro Riberio
In vitro wear at the bearing surfaces and taper-trunnion junction of BIOLOX®delta ceramic-on-ceramic hips Rohan  Bhalekar
Simplified fabrication of cranial epidural electrodes for chronic neurological recording and stimulations Christopher Russell
The manufacture of electrospun scaffolds with different levels of alignment for regenerative medicine Selina Beal
Carbon-based electrospinning templates as a new alternative for the manufacture of biofunctional bone regeneration membranes Thomas Paterson
Micro Porous Hydroxyapatite/α-Tri Calcium Phosphate Thin Films Bryan Stuart
Functionalised Medical Grade Calcium Phosphate Granules Joss Atkinson
Full digital 3D reconstructed and manufactured of Maxillofacial implants Jensen Aw
Response analysis of the lumbar spine during regular training athlete-A Finite Element Analysis Edward Attenborough

Lunch and poster viewing


Session B: The Impact of MeDe Innovation Research

14.00 THEME 1A – Stratified design and manufacture of joint replacements Dr Mazen Al-Hajjar and Dr Abdellatif Abdelgaied
14.15 THEME 1B – Stratified bioprocesses for the manufacture of acellular scaffolds Dr Hazel Fermor
14.30 THEME 1C – Stratified design and manufacture of nonwoven collagen scaffolds Professor Steven Percival
14.45 THEME 1D – Manufacture of fully bioresorbable multiphase fixation devices to order Professor David Grant
15.00 THEME 2A – Minimally invasive implantation of bioactive materials Prof Phil Coates and Prof Paul Hatton
15.20 THEME 2B – Processes for in-clinic manufacture Professor Kenny Dalgarno

Close of meeting

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The MeDe Innovation conference will be headlined by industry, quality assurance and surgical specialists discussing the importance of ‘Responsible Innovation and the Manufacture of New Medical Devices’.

Dr Suzanne Halliday – Head of Medical Devices Notified Body at BSI Dr Halliday has over twelve years of experience as a Technical Specialist and Quality System Auditor for ISO 13485, CE Marking and certain aspects of compliance for Canada, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Prior to working for BSI she completed a Bachelors and Masters in Science  from the University of Waterloo and a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Oxford. She has designed joint replacement implants, spinal and fracture fixation systems. She has also conducted post market clinical investigations on these same types of orthopaedic implants. Suzanne has developed and delivered numerous presentations at international conferences on Compliance to the Medical Devices Directive, Risk Management, Clinical Evaluations and Investigations, Meeting Essential Requirements with Harmonised Standards, Post Market Surveillance and Vigilance. BSI is the business standards company that helps organisations make excellence a habit – all over the world.
Professor Tim Briggs – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Professor Briggs qualified from The Royal London Hospital in 1982 with honours in surgery and a number of prizes.  After his senior registrar training he was appointed to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital as Consultant in 1992.  His specialist interests are in orthopaedic oncology as well as surgery to the hip and knee.  He was Medical Director at the RNOH for 15 years,  and was President of the British Orthopaedic Association in 2014. He was appointed as National Director for Clinical Quality and Efficiency for the NHS in September 2015 and has been asked to lead and roll out his GIRFT methodology, developed in orthopaedics, across all surgical and medical specialties within the provider network.
Professor Edward Draper – JRI

The MeDe Innovation Annual Conference is now accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) for up to 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

The RCS is committed to enabling surgeons to achieve and maintain the highest standards of surgical practice and patient care. The conference programme has been approved for up to 5 CPD points, which clinicians can use as part of their ongoing development. CPD is any learning outside of undergraduate education or postgraduate training that helps surgeons maintain and improve their performance. It covers the development of surgeons’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours across all areas of their professional practice and includes both formal and informal learning activities. The MeDe Innovation Annual Conference is free to attend, and gives clinicians a chance to connect with academics, researchers and industry to learn more about our current and future projects in orthopaedic medical device manufacture.

Show how your project in orthopaedic medical device manufacture improves patient lives and supports the industry at the MeDe Innovation Annual Conference 2018.
MeDe Innovation is accepting poster presentation proposals that discuss current projects, research challenges, future directions, and novel approaches in the field of medical devices.
Poster presenters will have the opportunity to enhance their projects by sharing their basic science results, innovations and clinical outcomes in a 1-minute pitch at a meeting that attracts over 200 delegates per year. This combined podium and poster session provides an excellent interactive platform for researchers to present their own research work undertaken in collaboration with the wider MeDe Innovation community and receive further recognition.  Prizes will be awarded for the best poster presentations.
Posters reporting on joint work between industry and academia are especially encouraged.
Key Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: Friday 8th December
Acceptance announcement: w/c Monday 18th December
Annual Conference: Thursday 18th January 2018
Download the abstract submisson form (opens Word doc)

Download a copy of the full guidelines (opens PDF)

Download a copy of the full guidelines (opens PDF)

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