Guest Lecture Series #3: Professor David Grant – Degradable PVD coatings for Devices for Musculoskeletal applications

Guest Lecture Series #3: Professor David Grant – Degradable PVD coatings for Devices  for Musculoskeletal applications

Date: October 5, 2015

Location: University of Newcastle

Degradable PVD coatings for Devices  for Musculoskeletal applications
Monday 5 October 2015, 2pm – 4pm , networking and lunch from 1pm
Newcastle University – booking essential
David Grant is Professor of Materials Science and Head of Advanced Materials Research Group, at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham.
He has wide ranging research interests in Biomaterials such as surface modification, coatings, functionalised surfaces, characterisation, nano-composite structures, degradation behaviour, cell surface interaction, cell motility. His other main research interest is in metal hydrogen systems from alloy and intermetallic hydrides to complex light metal hydrides and multicomponent systems. He has worked with industry on many projects and has spent a secondment with EON for two years. He is currently working with a number of companies to develop practical energy stores and also in biomaterial applications.
The research
Professor David Grant will present his research into developing disruptive manufacturing technology using novel degradable thin film/coatings for medical implants.
Current plasma spray technologies use a non-degradable hydroxyapatite coating which cannot be finely controlled, resulting in thick coatings with poor adhesion to the metal surface.
MeDe Innovation researchers at the University of Nottingham are developing new methods of application that will allow coatings to be applied in layers ranging from only a few nanometers thick. Using a technique called magnetron sputtering, the researchers have been able to deposit and build up calcium phosphate coatings of novel formulations of glass and crystalline structures. The layers deposited can be finely tuned to produce coatings of various compositions incorporating therapeutic ions.
Lecture programme
1pm: Lunch and networking
2pm: Title TBC – Dr Ileda Ortega – University of Sheffield
2.20: ‘Microinjection moulding at a glance’ – Dr Cristina Tuinea-Bobe – University of Bradford
2.40: ‘Biomimetic wet-stable fibres via wet spinning and diacid-based crosslinking of collagen triple helices’ – Dr Tarik Arafat – University of Leeds
3pm: ‘Degradeable PVD coatings for Devices for Musculoskeletal applications’ – Professor David Grant
4pm: Close
MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series Programme
The MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series is a programme of lectures led by its esteemed academic leadership in the field of innovative medical device manufacturing throughout 2015.
During the visit to a MeDe Innovation academic centre, the invited guest will present their research in a free to attend, open lecture. There are also other opportunities for the research community to engage in activities; such as ECR meetings, lab tours and the chance to present.
Attendees are invited from across the medical device manufacturing (Class III) sector.
Through the MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series, the research community can learn, meet, network, share experience, and build stronger cross-centre relationships.
Each MeDe Innovation Academic Centre will host a guest lecture  (further details TBC):
Paul Hatton at University of Nottingham – 27th November
Phil Coates at University of Sheffield – 16th December
Who can attend?
MeDe Innovation Guest Lectures are free and open to all with an interest in innovative manufacturing in musculoskeletal medical devices. Booking is essential.
Other MeDe Innovation events
Annual Conference: Newcastle Centre for Life, 28 January 2016

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