Biological & Biomimetic Materials for Medical Devices & Health Technologies

Biological & Biomimetic Materials for Medical Devices & Health Technologies

Date: September 18, 2014

Location: Halifax Hall Hotel, Sheffield

Biological and biomimetic materials offer unusual properties that underpin their use in medical (including musculoskeletal) applications.
Recent scientific advances have unlocked even greater potential for improved clinical performance including regenerative properties, but at the same time raise challenges for both manufacturers and regulators.
This MeDe Innovation workshop will explore both recent scientific progress and the regulatory environment, ultimately contributing to a strategy to further exploit the opportunities offered by these exciting materials.
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Matthew Dalby (University of Glasgow) on biomimetic surfaces
  • Chris Holland (University of Sheffield & advisor to Oxford Biomaterials Ltd.) on spider silks
  • Jennifer Durrant (BSI) on the regulatory environment for biological and biomimetic materials
  • Eileen Ingham (University of Leeds) on decellularised matrices
  • Piergiorgio Gentile (University of Sheffield) on nanoscale biofunctionality
  • Nienke Lubben (HGF Ltd.) on IP & biological materials.
  • Stewart White (Collagen Solutions Ltd.) on the manufacture of medical grade collagens.
  • Rebecca Goodchild (Ceramisys Ltd.) orthopaedic products based on biomimetic nanotechnology.
  • Matthew German (University of Newcastle) on bioinspired adhesives.
  • Giuseppe Tronci (University of Leeds) on biomimetic materials for clinical applications


09.00   Registration and coffee
09.30   Welcome & Introduction to the Workshop (Paul Hatton and members of the MeDe Innovation Executive)
SESSION 1: Properties & Potential of Biological & Biomimetic Materials (Chair: Paul Hatton)
09.40   Chris Holland (University of Sheffield & Advisor to Oxford Biomaterials Ltd.) High Tech Silks for Medical Applications; the CoMMPLETe approach
10.00   Eileen Ingham (University of Leeds) Decellularised Matrices
10.20   Matthew Dalby (University of Glasgow) Biomimetic Surfaces
10.40   Piergiorgio Gentile (University of Sheffield) Biofunctionality at the Nanoscale
11.00   Panel 1: Opportunities for Biological & Biomimetic Materials (Session 1 Speakers with surgeon Professor Ian Brook)
SESSION 2Commercial & Business Factors in Translation & Exploitation (Chair: Kenny Dalgano)
11.30   Giuseppe Tronci (University of Leeds) Biomimetic Materials for Clinical Applications
11.50   Nienke Lubben (HGF Ltd.)  Intellectual Property & Biological or Biomimetic Materials
12.10   Jennifer Durrant (BSI) The Regulatory Environment for Biological and Biomimetic Materials
12.30   Networking & Lunch 
SESSION 2 (cont.):  Commercial & Business Factors in Translation & Exploitation (Chair: David Grant)
13.45   Matthew German (University of Newcastle) Bioinspired Adhesives & Clinical Needs
14.05   Andrew Spragg (Jellagen Pty Ltd) Jellyfish: Potential Sources of Biological Materials for Medical Applications
14.25   Stewart White (Collagen Solutions Ltd.) Commercial & Business Considerations in the Manufacture of Medical Grade Collagens
14.45   Rebecca Goodchild (Ceramisys Ltd.) Orthopaedic Products based on Biomimetic Calcium Phosphate Nanotechnology
15.05   Panel 2: Commercial & Translational Considerations (Session 2 Speakers)
SESSION 3:  Launch of Fresh Ideas Fund (Chair & Lead Facilitator: Ceri Williams)

15.35   Interactive Workshop
16.45   Final Comments
17.00   Close of Meeting
18.00   Dinner for Speakers (sponsored by Sheffield Dental Implant Society)

Formerly a Victorian steel baron’s mansion and subsequently University hall of residence for more than 80 years, Halifax Hall has been transformed in to a beautiful 38 bedroom boutique hotel in the heart of Sheffield.
Halifax Hall Map & Directions (opens PDF file)
Guest Parking Permit (opens PDF file)

New Strategies for Treating MSK Disorders: in-clinic manufacture and minimally invasive implantation of materials – Thursday 30th October, Centre for Life, Newcastle (early registration available now, programme TBC)
Functionally Stratified Design and Manufacture of Orthopaedic Devices – Monday 17th November, University of Leeds (early registration available now, programme TBC):

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