11th Annual Bath Biomechanics Symposium

11th Annual Bath Biomechanics Symposium

Date: September 14, 2015

Location: University of Bath

Against a backdrop of multiple litigation issues with orthopaedic devices, major companies and orthopaedic clinicians are becoming increasingly risk averse. This poses significant challenges when introducing advances in technology and surgical techniques to the orthopaedic market, such as additive manufacturing, patient specific surgical approaches and in silico modelling. This year’s symposium, Challenges to Innovation in Orthopaedics, will address some of the challenges in getting these innovations adopted in the orthopaedic practice and by industry.

Submissions are welcome from researchers and clinicians that address any current orthopaedic issues and discuss potential solutions and opportunities for future research, including:

  • new implant technologies and designs
  • new manufacturing methods
  • surgical techniques and technologies
  • materials research
  • tissue engineering
  • standardised pre-clinical testing
  • challenges of introducing innovation.

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