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Professor Phil Coates

Property gradient biomedical materials and products

Capability Description

We have expertise in biomedical materials, and have programmes involving property gradient materials including hydrogels for joint repair, and use the processing techniques above to make novel property gradient materials; also 3-d printing for novel starting material combinations.
In collaboration with Sichuan University, we can manufacture novel comminuted micro-blends of materials (which may normally be incompatible in the melt processing state) suitable for micromoulding (see above).
[Dr P Twigg, Dr B Whiteside, Prof A Paradkar, Prof P D Coates].

Case Study

Joint MRC-MOST (China) programme on property gradient hydrogels; also a new EPSRC project with Smith & Nephew, Purac, Wittman Battenfeld and Invibio will include manufacture of property gradient biomedical products (fixations)

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