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Eileen Ingham

Development of analysis methods for decellularisation

Capability Description

Leeds has a unique capability in research towards clinical and commercial translation of biological scaffolds in musculoskeletal and cardiovascular applications. The expertise is in the development of functional processes and analysis methods of biological scaffolds. This is based upon experience and know-how of our investigators, and their understanding of tissues based on variables such as their density and thickness.

Case Study

Recent investigations include: the effects of different sterilisation techniques on the structure and function of acellular biological scaffolds; gaining insight into the regenerative potential of these scaffolds; and elucidation of the role of macrophages in the regenerative process. Leeds’ collaborative project with Tissue Regenix centres around developing robust test methodologies for its new dCELL® Meniscus, a product for the repair of damaged or worn knee meniscus. These type of products are so innovative that standard test methodologies have not yet been put in place.

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