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Eileen Ingham

Decellularisation process for human tissue

Capability Description

iMBE has extensive capability and know-how in a unique decellularisation process for human tissues. Supported by an intellectual property portfolio on immunocompatible biomimetic natural scaffolds, and led by Professor Eileen Ingham in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, the University of Leeds are researching and developing functional soft tissue solutions for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular applications. These biomimetic natural acellular scaffolds can be implanted directly and regenerated by the recipients own endogenous stem cells, or can be regenerated with differentiated or stem cells in vitro in bespoke physically interactive bioreactors. Professor Ingham, in partnership with the NHS Blood and Transplant – Tissue Services, runs labs compliant to the Human Tissue Act, making the capability at Leeds a highly desirable collaboration opportunity. The Insitute aims to become one of the globally leading research centres for functional engineering of soft tissues for orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications

Case Study

Development of a decellularisation technique in soft tissue allografts including tendon, blood vessels, pericardium and heart valves with NHSBT – Tissue Services. The University of Leeds has patented this technique and Tissue Services has been granted a licence to exploit the method for use on human tissues in the UK. Development of methods for re-colonising decellularised allografts with or without a conditioning step within complex bioreactors with NHSBT – Tissue Services.

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