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Leeds Professor recognised for contribution to medical science

May 10, 2016

Professor Eileen Ingham has been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Fellows are elected for their contribution to medical research and healthcare, the generation of new knowledge in medical sciences and its translation into benefits to society. Professor Eileen Ingham (Biomedical Sciences) has been recognised for her work at the […]

Call for submissions: Funding for Feasibility Studies

April 11, 2016

The IKC is offering three university-based researchers a chance to have a feasibility study funded (up to £10,000 FEC per study) and supported by professionals in research translation.  It is quick and easy to enter: just enter brief details about your idea on our online form, and let our panel of evaluators confidentially rank your ideas to […]

MeDe Innovation Third Annual Conference 2016: An overview

March 31, 2016

The Centre for Life in Newcastle was host to the third MeDe Innovation Annual Meeting in January this year, where over 150 delegates gathered to hear the latest developments in the changing landscape of design and manufacture for orthopaedic devices. The programme, titled ‘The Future of Manufacturing of Medical Devices’, featured three theme areas, curated and […]

Partner news: Materialise develop new Mimics® Innovation Suite software

March 2, 2016

In order for FEA simulations to yield reliable results, it is critical to capture sufficient geometrical detail in your models. When studying bony structures for example, the results you obtain from assuming homogenous material properties in the bone, might significantly differ from a more detailed simulation, where you use the actual trabecular bone structure as […]

Partner news: Fripp Design Ltd awarded UK Patent for 3D printing silicone

February 17, 2016

This is a momentous moment for everyone associated with Sheffield and London based Fripp Design and Research; their method for 3D Printing silicone has been granted a UK patent. “This is a significant step forward for the company and its shareholders” stated Steve Roberts, Director and co owner of the company “It finally recognises the […]