Webinar – Simpleware for Medical Device Simulation

Webinar – Simpleware for Medical Device Simulation

February 27, 2018

Join this webinar on 27th February at 2pm to learn how to build patient-specific models in Simpleware for the interdisciplinary area of medical science, simulation and product development.

Learn how to reconstruct and process 3D image data (MRI, CT, micro-CT…), obtain measurements and statistics, and export simulation-ready meshes to the FE or CFD solver of your choice. See how Simpleware uniquely enables integration of CAD and image data when working on medical device projects, reducing design times when evaluating patient-specific data, and removing the need to use intermediate software prior to simulation.

Topics covered include:

  • Simpleware software’s key features and applications
  • Typical workflows in the software for medical devices
  • How to integrate CAD-designed medical devices with anatomical datasets
  • Generating high-quality meshes from your image data
  • Example workflows and success stories using Simpleware for medical device design

This webinar is recommended for anyone who works in medical device design and research using anatomical data who wants a quick introduction to how Simpleware software can solve common challenges for these applications.

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