Partner news: Simpleware release software update

Partner news: Simpleware release software update

June 21, 2017

Synopsys have released the latest version of Simpleware, its exceptional 3D image processing software. Version M-2017.06 enhances Simpleware’s unparalleled ease-of-use and reliability as a comprehensive solution for creating the most robust, simulation-ready models for 3D image data workflows. Simpleware is used around the world for a wide range of applications, from medical device design to characterising materials and industrial parts.

The new release of Simpleware makes it particularly straightforward for users in the Life Sciences to work with complex 3D image data. This includes tools for rapidly segmenting medical image data, as well as improvements to Simpleware’s established capabilities in combining CAD objects and image data. Users can easily position medical devices and consumer products within patient-specific anatomies, enabling virtual evaluation of implant positioning and reducing a reliance on costly experimental testing.

Other features of the release include enhancements to visualisation and inspection of image data, including improvements to measurement tools, and optimised meshing to tailor models to specific metrics before export for simulation in Finite Element software. Overall, the M-2017.06 extends Simpleware’s strengths for rapidly but comprehensively preparing 3D images for different design and simulation tasks in the Life Sciences and other industries such as Materials Science and Industrial Reverse Engineering and Non-Destructive Testing.

For more information on Simpleware, including how to try the software with a free trial, please visit Watch the webinar on the new release, and keep an eye on the Simpleware events page for news on conferences and workshops in your area.


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