Partner news: Materialise set to release new Mimics Innovation Suite 20

Partner news: Materialise set to release new Mimics Innovation Suite 20

June 3, 2017

The new Mimics Innovation Suite 20 release is right around the corner.

Materalise are very happy to announce the upcoming summer launch of the new version of MIS. Providing you with faster and easy-to-use tools to make the world a healthier place, is a priority to us. In this release you will find:

•            A new scripting module that will enable you to: automate your workflows, scale up your work, avoid repetition and obtain consistency in results. If you want to analyze more patient data in a shorter period of time or reduce the manual efforts in creating patient specific devices, this module can be the answer for you.

•            Segmentation made more intuitive than ever before. See what you do while you do it, reduce your number of clicks, and get faster results.


To hear how early users have benefitted from this new release, we invite you to subscribe to the webinar series: Think| Idea to Patient Care.

This includes talks on:

•            How medical device manufacturers are scaling up their population studies to create better standard implants

•            How experts are translating their computational modelling research into actual patient care

•            How 3D Planning and Printing in mitral valve interventions is being scaled from R&D to clinical trials and beyond

Get ready to be inspired and subscribe to the webinar series today!


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