MeDe Innovation Third Annual Conference 2016: An overview

MeDe Innovation Third Annual Conference 2016: An overview

March 31, 2016

The Centre for Life in Newcastle was host to the third MeDe Innovation Annual Meeting in January this year, where over 150 delegates gathered to hear the latest developments in the changing landscape of design and manufacture for orthopaedic devices.

The programme, titled ‘The Future of Manufacturing of Medical Devices’, featured three theme areas, curated and chaired by each of our Co-Investigators.

Session A was chaired by Professors Kenny Dalgarno and Phil Coates, and focussed on ‘Manufacturing at the point of need’. The presentations were opened by Professor Andrew McCaskie who discussed regenerative strategies in orthopaedics, followed by updates from researchers from partner universities.

Professors Paul Hatton and David Grant led session B, ‘Manufacturing regenerative devices, biological and biomimetic scaffolds,’ broken into four themes each delivered by a researcher with their industrial partners. Session B presented a whopping 13 presentations as part of the programme.

The final session ‘Stratified design and manufacture of orthopaedic implants’ was chaired by Professors John Fisher and Ruth Wilcox, and included three team presentations given by researchers and industry partners, before concluding in a lively panel discussion.

An innovative ‘poster pitch’ session, where 24 selected researchers were given 1 minute to present an outline of their poster was delivered before lunch. This was well received, with 77% of the presenters reporting an increase in interest of their posters following their presentation.

Watch our short slide presentation of the poster pitches below:



Lunch was served on the Mezzanine, where organisations and research institutes hosted exhibitions stands and research posters were displayed for viewing, allowing a good opportunity for networking and discussion.

97% of the delegates rated the event as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ overall, with many reporting to have made several new contacts over the course of the day to follow up.

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