MeDe Innovation ‘Ask the Expert’: Biomaterials and manufacturing from a clinical perspective

MeDe Innovation ‘Ask the Expert’: Biomaterials and manufacturing from a clinical perspective

Date: December 6, 2017

Location: Room LG11, Trent Building, University of Nottingham


Ask the Expert: Biomaterials and manufacturing from a clinical perspective

Wednesday 6th December 2017, 9.15am – 3pm

Room LG11 Trent Building, University of Nottingham


This event will give an overview of novel biomaterials from the perspective of an Orthopaedic surgeon and a Maxillofacial prosthetist. As biomaterials are expanding from bio inert prosthetics to next generation bioactive materials, the interaction of implantable materials with living tissue is transforming the medical field leading to less invasive and more effective treatments. The eventual commercialisation of implantable devices is governed by clinical demand and proven efficacy.

Repairs to hard tissue often require metallic pins, screws and plates to be surgically implanted. These fixation devices can then require further surgery at a later stage to remove them. This carries inherent risks to the patient, so it is attractive to instead use fully resorbable devices that will gradually transfer load to the healing tissue over time. One of the main hurdles to achieving this is the different degradation rates that can occur with resorbable devices, which can often lead to premature loss of mechanical properties, preventing proper integration and tissue remodelling.

This workshop will give an overview of the current research and offer attendees the opportunity to discuss the technologies with engineers, scientists and clinicians who work with it on a day-to-day basis.



9:15 – 9.30 Coffee and registration
9:30 – 9:45 Welcome – Joel Segal and Ifty Ahmed
9:45 – 10:30 Presentation from Sujith Konan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (UCL and London Clinic) – Title TBC
10:30 – 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 – 11:15 Presentation from Ifty Ahmed, Orthopaedic Materials – Title TBC
11:15 – 12:30 Early Career Researchers Session
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 14:00 Presentation from Joel Segal, Additive Manufacturing for Medical Materials – Title TBC
14:00 – 14:45 Presentation from Andrew Richmond, Principal Maxillofacial Prosthetist (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust) “Design for Patient: Data driven development”
14:45 – 15:00 Meet the Experts Poster and networking session with refreshments available
15:00 CLOSE

The Trent building at the University of Nottingham can be found as number 11 on the campus map

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