Guest Lecture Series #5: Professor Phil Cotes- Structuring of polymers by processing for medical applications

Guest Lecture Series #5: Professor Phil Cotes- Structuring of polymers by processing for medical applications

Date: December 16, 2015

Location: University of Sheffield

Structuring of polymers by processing for medical applications

Wednesday 16 December 2015, 2-4pm, ECR meeting and lab tours from 12, networking and lunch from 1pm

University of Sheffield, Dental School Common Room – booking essential


Phil Coates is Professor of Polymer Engineering and Director, Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science & Technology at the University of Bradford, with some 50 researchers at Bradford involved at the leading edge of in-process measurements for process monitoring, analysis and control, and computer modelling in a 4500 m2 laboratory.  He is also Director of the Advanced Materials Engineering RKT Centre and of the RCUK Science Bridges China platform for advanced materials in healthcare, and the International Centre for Polymer Microprocessing (a joint laboratory with Sichuan University).  His research targets high value polymer products for a range of sectors – healthcare technology (including bioresorbable polymers for orthopaedic applications), pharmaceuticals processing, optical, automotive and advanced materials developments, including nanocomposites and reactive grafting, all with pioneering in-process measurement and modelling.

Prof Coates has published over 300 papers in scientific journals and has co-authored 9 books, and edited 7 books, and is a Journal Editor.  He holds 12 patents.  His research is internationally recognised, with many keynote addresses and worldwide collaborations (particularly China, Europe, N America, Australia and Japan).


The research

Professor Phil Coates will discuss opportunities to manipulate the structure and hence final properties of polymers and polymer composites via the manufacturing processing steps, including precision micromoulding and solid phase orientation processing of polymers, for potential use in a range of medical devices.

Prof Coates is working with colleagues across MeDe Innovation to address challenges in manufacturing personalised implants: developing techniques to allow both cells and biomaterials to be processed together, while still retaining their mechanical and biological properties under the environments imposed in many manufacturing techniques.


Lecture programme

12pm: Early Career Researcher Session ‘Clinical Needs & Opportunities for Materials and Manufacturing’ – Dr Shirin Shahrbaf and Dr Ilida Ortega

12.30: Lab Tours

1pm: Lunch and networking

2pm: Acellular Biological Scaffolds for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Replacement - Dr Tony Herbert - University of Leeds

2.20: Assessment of a novel resorbable polymer and adhesive system for maxillofacial applications’ – Dr Sarah Upson – Newcastle University

2.40: Production and properties of novel bioresorbable nanocomposites of PLA and nanohydroxyapatite – Dr  Davide De Focatiis - University of Nottingham

3pm: Structuring of polymers by processing for medical applications – Professor Phil Coates - University of Bradford

4pm: Close


MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series Programme

The MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series is a programme of lectures led by its esteemed academic leadership in the field of innovative medical device manufacturing throughout 2015.

During the visit to a MeDe Innovation academic centre, the invited guest will present their research in a free to attend, open lecture. There are also other opportunities for the research community to engage in activities; such as ECR meetings, lab tours and the chance to present.

Attendees are invited from across the medical device manufacturing (Class III) sector.

Through the MeDe Innovation Guest Lecture Series, the research community can learn, meet, network, share experience, and build stronger cross-centre relationships.


Each MeDe Innovation Academic Centre has hosted a guest lecture throughout 2015.

Who can attend?

MeDe Innovation Guest Lectures are free and open to all with an interest in innovative manufacturing in musculoskeletal medical devices. Booking is essential.

Other MeDe Innovation events

Annual Conference: Newcastle Centre for Life, 28 January 2016


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