Bryan Stuart: Life after MeDe Innovation

Bryan Stuart: Life after MeDe Innovation

July 3, 2018

After five years as one of our Early Career Researchers, Bryan secured a role at the University of Oxford. Here he discusses his time with MeDe Innovation:


As I move into the next stage of my career I reflect on the incredible opportunities that MeDe Innovation offered over the last 5 years, during my PhD and into my first Post Doctoral role. MeDe Innovation’s dedicated leadership and enthusiastic network of early career researchers inspire brilliant and innovative research, that has tremendous potential to be part of a world leading technology in the medical devices sector.

MeDe Innovation presented me with a strong platform to collaborate with leading universities, extraordinary academics and industrial researchers. JRI orthopaedics and Depuy Synthes tracked research in orthopaedic phosphate glass coatings, offering invaluable advice towards the development of next generation osteogenic coatings. I was actively encouraged to establish and engage in collaborations leading to projects, which included antimicrobial polymer sutures with the University of Bradford, osteogenic scaffolds with the University of Newcastle and sought out funding for coated textiles with the University of Leeds. My research skills were developed through involvement in academic and industrially led workshops and research sandpit events.

Ultimately, completing a PhD was only a small part of my five years with MeDe Innovation, which culminated in 5 publications, countless friendships and strong professional collaborations in academia and industry.

The next stage of my career will be based at the University of Oxford as a Researcher in Roll-to Roll-Vacuum Deposition for Wearable and Flexible Technologies. The focus will be on manufacturing for production of flexible electronic devices ranging from sensors and displays to low level energy generation. I am excited for challenges ahead and hope to continue to collaborate as part of MeDe Innovation, finding creative opportunities to incorporate flexible electronics into medical device technology.





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