Looking forward: Alan Parish

Looking forward: Alan Parish

December 1, 2016

Our ‘Looking forward’ series gives an insight into the developing careers of MeDe Innovation community alumni, and how the programme has helped them to achieve their goals.

The first blog in the series is from Alan Parish, a Medical Imaging and Modelling Consultant currently working at inMateriis in Mexico after working on research under Theme 1D ‘Manufacture of fully bioresorbable multiphase fixation devices to order.’


Back in June 2016 I finished my position as a MeDe fellow in Medical Image Analysis and Computational Modelling at the Institute of Biomechanics in Nottingham to go and work in Mexico.

In Nottingham I worked under Professor Donal McNally working on computational programming biomechanical projects, including Medical Device Design for Novel Spinal Fusion & Quantification of Spinal Motion Using GPU Based Computing.

The company I joined in Mexico is inMateriis which I joined as Chief Technical Officer, inMateriis is a Scientific Innovation Centre focused on Medical 3D printing innovation. It is run by Dr Inés Jiménez Palomar a scientific entrepreneur. My position is to provide support in medical imaging, CAD modelling, as well as developing custom software for medical applications and optimising 3D printing.

I went to work at inMateriis because I wanted an opportunity to put the skills I have obtained in the medical research field which I obtained during my fellowship, PhD and Master’s into a direct real world application. Working at inMateriis fitted me as they develop solutions to medical problems for the 3rd world markets using novel engineering techniques including 3D printing, both looking into providing new surgical techniques and affordable versions of current solutions. inMateriis’s also develops spin off companies; currently this includes a custom designed spinal cage for the Mexican markets. inMateriis also takes part in collaborations and exchanges with Mexican and UK institutes including Nottingham and UCL, as well as acting as an intermediate between such institutes.

The skills and contacts I made during my MeDe fellowship have had direct use in my new role, allowing me to pass on my insight into the medical device field both academically and medically to my colleagues. This combined with the technical skills I honed in my fellowship have allowed me to take inMateriis into some new directions, including VR software for medical data and surgical planning.

The future of inMateriis and in fact Mexico are both bright, with Dr Jiménez Palomar providing the opening remarks for the National Week of the Entrepreneur in Mexico City; as inMateriis is being held as an example of what industry can do for the future of Mexico. As such I find it exciting to be involved in a new and exciting frontier of technology.

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